You In?

You In?

“When this co-vid business is over, I can’t wait to see the creativity that happens”.

At the time we loved hearing these words…they gave us hope and then…

Our world changed, we changed. Weeks became months. Months became years. We honestly felt that our old friend hope, was lost to us. But had hope abandoned us, or had we abandoned hope?

The dark night comes when you are ready.

But we had a story and in this story, we had faith.

How many stories are never heard because talented people can’t find a way into the industry?

Big budgets do not always equal a good movie. We have all seen the little movie that creates big buzz…..

Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch Project, Juno, Sideways, Little Miss Sunshine. Presently The Insidious franchise has taken over half a billion dollars.
We need to have faith in ideas. Faith in people. Now more than ever.

But isn’t all of this impossible? Now, after the events of the last 3 years, where we were shaken by events that challenged….but did not break our spirit, we are convinced, more than ever, that nothing is impossible.

So, we are asking for help. To make a movie called ‘Grace’.

Is what you’re reading now a new approach?

Are you in for the revolution?