Our Story Is ‘Grace’

Our Story Is ‘Grace’

Ed, life destroyed and self exiled after a mysterious trauma, moves to the Maritimes where he wages war against a vicious entity that haunts his sleep.

After one of his ghost hunting traps fails, he is mercilessly attacked by the entity. Broken, Ed is driven to a suicide attempt.

He is shocked to be saved by an amnesiac ghost, ‘Grace’, an exiled spirit with a mysterious mission who vows to hunt the Entity to save Ed and herself, but only if he faces devastating revelations about his past. Revelations that will pierce the veil between life and death in a way that will change Ed and Grace forever.

If you’re a ghost? Can’t you just float through the door?
Grace’s head appears through the old wooden door. Turns to him…
I can. But I thought it might be alarming for you?
Ed stares up at her floating, ethereal, smiling face.
You were right.

From his own experiences trying to live with and heal a lifelong sleep disorder, Andrew met with a range of specialists, from Doctors to Wizards to Healers, unique people with mainstream and fringe beliefs, exploring the normal to the not so normal approaches to healing.

Inspired by this journey, ‘Grace’ was written to blend various themes that deal with mental health, loss, and spiritual revelations, to produce a micro budget psychological horror / love story.

A man with a life obsessed with death.
A woman who is dead obsessed with
And the knowledge that we are never

Mary Crowley of Pugwash

The Mary Crowley monument is the first public monument in honour of a Canadian-born female. It was erected in 1870 following a unanimous vote of the Nova Scotia Legislature.

Mary E. Crowley lies beneath this sod, a victim to fraternal love, having
rescued a younger brother and sister from the flames of her parents’
dwelling, she exclaimed, ‘Mother, all is over with me now, but I have saved my
brother and sister.’ She expired 24 hours after Oct. 15, 1869, aged 12 years.
Greater love no man hath known. R.I.P.”

After moving to Nova Scotia in 2021, I continued to write Grace, and became aware of the courageous story of Mary E. Crowley of Pugwash, NS.

The Mary Crowley Monument sits atop a small hill. People drive by, everyday, probably unaware that only a few steps away, is a story so affecting and deeply human that it is impossible to read it and not experience a range of emotions. To think about Mary’s story and then to think about your own life, looking at your days through a new window.
A story of love, family, and bravery.
Now, when we drive by, I take a moment and say ‘Hi’ to Mary. On the road out and again, on the road back. Always. I believe in belief. If I believe in something then something will perhaps, believe in me, and the people around me.

I don’t believe in ghosts.

No matter. They believe in you.

In a hectic world we need this more than ever. Belief.

Take a minute, walk those few steps, up that small hill, to visit Mary. Read about her life. Believe in Belief.

‘Grace’ is dedicated to Mary, and her memory. Something in the past to inspire the future. To honour her, to honour her family, in the hope that her bravery, her story, will be shared to inspire our world, today, and for all of our tomorrows.