Andrew Chalmers, an Audio Verse Nominated writer, studied screenplay writing at George Brown College, Toronto and is a member of the Los Angeles PRO-SERIES Script writing Alumni.

Andrew co-directed, wrote, and developed a sitcom pilot for the CBC as well as writing and developing a comedy series for Netflix. Andrew is also the co–founder of AM Audio Media, a production company that produces online full cast audio dramas. Doctor Who ‘Dark Journey’ is a Canadian take on the legendary British sci fi television show which ran for 2 Series, being nominated for various awards, and won an Audio Verse Award for Roy Miranda for Best Actor.

For full audio experience headphones are recommended.

Drawing from his experiences having a lifelong, challenging sleep disorder, his real-life experiences with the paranormal, as well as his studying with Canadian Shamanic circles, Andrew wrote ‘Grace’ as a micro budget horror / love story.

Our responsibility as writers is not to create heroes on the page. Through our stories our ambition should be to inspire the audience, to awaken the heroes in themselves. Yes. ‘awaken’ the hero. Why? Because the hero has always been there. The past 3 years is all the proof you need.

“The Cameron Clan, of which my family name Chalmers is a part of, has a motto. It is simple and now, in these challenging times, is an ambition that we should all aim for, to embrace, to live day to day, as people.”

Let us Unite.

Nikita Morris, a native of Truro, and overall proud Nova Scotian, has a lifelong fascination with movies and how they can inspire an audience.

I Iove the idea of creating a world that people can get lost in and forget about their own worries in life. Even for just a moment”.

The seed was planted, resulting in Nikita graduating from the Toronto Film School in 2018 and a new ambition for creating unique and hopeful movies that could inspire. Embracing this vision resulted in Nikita directing, writing, and producing her short film ‘That Feeling’ which follows her ambitious journey from Truro to Toronto. This film, described by some as a visual poem, talked about the surprising and thought-provoking effect that following her movie making dreams had on Nikita, her friends and family.

“I like to make metaphorical stuff; things that make you think”.

In 2019 Nikita submitted ‘That Feeling’ and was delighted when it was chosen as the recipient of the Emerging Lens Pitch to Script Scholarship.

The Emerging Lens scholarship, produced by the Charles Taylor Theatre and Media Arts Association aims to “educate, empower and inspire by honouring the influence of African Canadian and other cultural filmmakers, and artists”. As a Recipient of the Scholarship, Nikita was given the funding to create a new short film, set in the local community.

Nikita is presently launching her own Photography/Videography business. For years, being an advocate for her local community, working with local youth groups and Saturday school programs, Nikita found a new focus in photography and the opportunities it presents to support positive mental health and building self-esteem for all. The challenge of the last few years has made Nikita realize that she can combine her love of film and photography with her passion for helping people.

2022 and beyond will see Nikita complete and publish the first book in her supernatural series ‘Cursed’ that she hopes will present readers with a unique spin on the strangeness in their local community and one day, be a multi book line that Nikita hopes to develop into a television series.

“We know that great movies inspire the audience, but I want people to be inspired to think that they can make a movie…or pursue any dream. I really want to do more with film and that begins by doing more with the opportunities we offer people”

Marsha Mayer

A trip to Chiapas, Mexico played out in a way that prompted Marsha’s travelling companion to make a life changing statement to her. “Our trip was like a movie, one of us has to write a book or a screenplay and I nominate you.”

Finally, one day Marsha sat down and typed FADE IN: for the very first time. Her adventures hit the page, and her vacation drama ‘Mayan Heart of Mexico’ being chosen as an official selection of the 2015 Oaxaca Film Fest.

After hosting a radio show on health and wellness topics Marsha’s next screenplay ‘Estranged’ explored the devastating effect of a specific mental health condition within a family, how it broke them apart and a mother’s commitment to save her family by pursuing unconventional treatments.

“I am a screenwriter passionate about bringing female protagonists into situations where they have to work to become whole again”.

Marsha’s love of writing about strong resourceful female protagonists drew her to Andrew’s tantalizing ghost character, Grace.

“Grace is not a typical ghost story. This is an intimate relationship between a human and a ghost who help each other learn and survive”.

Marsha is a talented screenplay consultant, giving writers the emotional encouragement, ‘that little push’ that gets them back on track again, focusing on making the story the best it can possibly be. It is with very good reason that clients have described Marsha as “the best friend you could possibly have in screen writing”.

Going forward, Marsha is presently developing a script based on the mysteries and dangers of Dark Tourism and looking forward to meeting the decision-makers who can bring her stories to the screen.